Howard Nash is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, actor and award-winning screenwriter. He began his career in New York City, where at the tender age of 16, he volunteered at The American Place Theater. Working under director Phyllis Newman, he received his first exposure to professional theater, in an ensemble play that featured a young and ambitious Tovah Feldshuh. From there he went on to perform with the Hudson Guild Theater, in an experimental play under the guidance of director Craig Anderson.

His first television appearance was an “under-five line” cameo in the network TV soap opera, “The Edge of Night”. Subsequent performances included “Marathon” (Alan Landsberg Productions), and a half dozen cable TV assignments produced under the NY AFTRA Local Television Code. He’s also written and starred in “The Meeting Chronicles”, a comedy web series about a screenwriters group, that's never managed to write a single screenplay.

Soon after working in television, Howard appeared in his first indie feature, the crime thriller “Tracks”, starring Ice-T. The film is the true story of a suburban teenager who, goaded by friends, pulls a railroad switch and crashes a train, killing its conductor. The film aired on HBO, Showtime and Cinemax, and won the Jury Award at the Long Island International Film Exposition.

In 2009, Howard starred in the faith-based film, “Heaven’s Messenger”, working alongside John Heard, Vincent Pastore and Star Trek’s Robert Picardo. It was during this time he and Mr. Heard began a close professional relationship, which endured until the actor’s tragic passing in 2017.

In 2016, Howard played a featured role in the feature film, “Big Shots”, starring Ryan Hurst, Jeremy London and William Devane (he appeared in five scenes with all three actors). In 2020, he acted in the indie film, “Sarah Q”, starring Burt Young, Tony Sirico and Sally Kirkland.

Howard graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from the State University of New York in Albany. He additionally studied for five years at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute (studying with Lee himself), and additionally trained with John Strasberg, Irma Sandrey, Arthur Sherman and Geoffrey Horne. He enjoys playing guitar, composing his own music, and holds a brown belt in Shotokan (Japanese) karate.

He  currently resides in Tampa Florida, but frequently travels back to New York to work, as well as to L.A., Orlando and Miami Beach.

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